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CueEther Wired Receiver

VAT included

Works in combination with MasterCueV5 / V6 to allow presenters to receive cueing data from GlobalCue and i2Bridge to drive the MasterCue unit with those signals. Connects to switch / router via Ethernet connection and wired button XLR port. There is also the option to work in partnership with our CueEther-TX Sender. The CueEther Wired…



The CueEther Wired Receiver is a way of driving your existing MasterCueV5 or V6 via cueing signals sent over your local network.

It simply connects to your switch, hub or router via Ethernet connection and connects to your MasterCue unit via its wired button XLR port.

The CueEther Wired Receiver can take its cueing data from our GlobalCue i2Bridge software, or work in partnership with our CueEther Sender.

The CueEther Wired Receiver will receive all cues over you LAN. It does NOT have channel selection similar to the CueEther Receiver. If using multiple CueEther Wired Receivers on the same LAN, they will both cue at the same time. Please use CueEther Receivers for multiple individual cues on the same network and set DIP switches accordingly.

Features include:

  • Confidence LED – to confirm cues received. Shows as Amber in idle state, changing to Green for Next and Red for Back
  • Connects to your existing hub, switch or router via Ethernet cable
  • Simple connection to your MasterCueV5 or V6 unit via its wired button port
  • USB powered – 5v USB PSU supplies

Download CueEther Brochure

Download CueEther Manual